The return of subprime lending

 · A mortgage firm is offering loans to borrowers with poor credit records, reviving memories of the "subprime" mortgages blamed for the credit crisis. Customers will also need to provide a 25pc to 35pc deposit. This type of mortgage, known as subprime lending, was common before the financial crisis five years ago as it was highly profitable for lenders. This lending, however, was later seen as.

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A coalition of veterans, church leaders and advocacy groups gathered at the Statehouse Monday to oppose legislation that would expand subprime lending in Indiana. They say these loans are targeted at.

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 · The return of sub-prime: mortgage firms target ‘overlooked’ market. economists warn that moribund lending volumes are pushing the property market towards a double dip. yesterday nationwide said house prices fell by 0.7% in October, taking the quarter-on-quarter drop to 1.5%, the biggest decline since April 2009.

 · Sub-Prime mortgages are credit rating related. I agree with you – bring them back, the current lending criteria will soon get rid of people who can’t afford them etc. Most FTB issues with regards to getting on the ladder are down to the fact they have not got the massive deposits required to get a mortgage and NOT that they can’t afford.

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 · The Return of Subprime Lending. The promise of big profits from subprime lend­ing–at least in the short run–is just as entic­ing today. With regulations tighter on home mortgages, investors are seeking other sub­prime opportunities.

 · For shoppers and homeowners alike, today’s mortgage market offers plenty to cheer about. After edging up last year, interest rates are again ultralow. With the financial crisis long over.

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From January to October 2015, bad credit mortgage loan originations rose 28%. The following subprime mortgage lenders list highlights some of the best options to obtain a mortgage for a bad credit first-time buyer or a bad credit mortgage in general.

The return of subprime offers means that home buying may get easier for people with less-than-perfect credit. Con: Subprime Mortgages Have higher interest rates lenders see subprime borrowers as risky investments, so they offset that risk by charging higher interest.

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