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Sharkskin suits for men are one of the most distinctive looks in the side world of suits. Our exquisite sharkskin suits for men are perfect for business, a high-end event, or a night on the town. We carry a wide array of men’s shark skin suits from designers such as Vittorio St. Angelo, Canto, Vinci, Tazio and Apollo King.

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Sharkskin suits originally came out as a silk blend fabric suit that had the slight shininess of shark’s skin. They quickly caught on in popularity with celebrities of TV and Music fame. Sharkskin suits had a shiny way of telling people that they were well-dressed and.

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Sharkskin clothing combines several key performance features to create a revolutionary technical watersports apparel range to protect you from the elements.

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When you hear the term "sharkskin" an image of a suit may not immediately come to mind. Or of it does, maybe you picture a shiny suit like the kind gangsters wore in films in the ’80s. Sure, sharkskin was, for a while, woven with shiny, synthetic fibres, but originally-and nowadays-it’s usually made with wool.

The sharkskin suit is currently enjoying a fashion revival after hitting it big in the middle of the twentieth century. Shows like Mad Men have made the flashy sharkskin suit once again the most fashionable look a man can own. Whether you just want a two-piece black sharkskin suit or this three-piece purple sharkskin s

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Hence, “sharkskin.” sharkskin suits. The Premium Super 120’s Sharkskin Suit is the newest style in our suit separates offerings. It’s absolutely an essential, thanks to a smartly tailored fit, in your choice of the incredibly versatile tones of cool gray, warm tan, or slate blue – all with Sharkskin.

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