Postal worker caught on camera throwing family’s packages

The U.S. Postal Service says it’s "researching" a case that involved one of its workers tossing a package towards a Joplin home. Jade Schumann says she, along with many other people, have seen videos on the internet showing delivery workers throwing packages. But she never thought it would happen to her.

A security camera captured this United States Postal Service worker hurling a package over a Florida City home’s fence, and another USPS worker was caught flinging a package over his fence that.

UPDATE: USPS Reverses Ontario "Long-Driveway" Policy. A local postal carrier was caught on cell phone camera throwing a package toward the door of a home in the Town of Ontario and then.

A United States Postal Service carrier was caught on camera dropping a package just steps from a Dallas family’s front door. (Published Wednesday, July 29, 2015)

 · Caught on Camera: Delivery worker chucks packages at door in West Knoxville. One West Knoxville family witnessed a delivery man throwing packages at.

Postal Workers Caught Throwing Packages Over Fence at Florida City Home "This is clearly unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated.

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NORTHVILLE, Mich. – A postal worker was caught on camera not handling a package with much care. The homeowner believes this isn’t the only time something like this has happened.

A Boynton Beach homeowner is upset after a United State Postal Worker threw his package at his house and onto his driveway. The whole thing was caught on Don Ledsworth’s security camera. He said.

 · Caught on camera: A Hampton Bays postal worker tosses and kicks packages and the video goes viral on social media. What’s the Postal Service say about it?.

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Angry Delivery: Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Swearing, Throwing Package June 20, 2017 postal , , throwing stuff 20 Comments A Littleton, Massachusetts, family is outraged after they say their mailman (a career rural carrier hired in 1997) swore repeatedly and got rough with their mail.