Obamacare’s unpopularity blunts Obama’s attacks on Romney-Ryan Medicare plans

Determined to preempt Democratic attacks on their Medicare plan, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have launched an offensive to portray themselves as the protectors of. In Ironic Twist, Romney-Ryan.

Suddenly talk about the poor economy and jobs is off the table. For reasons beyond my understanding Romney appears to have decided to make the 2012 election a referendum on Medicare.. The Romney pick of the Ryan-Medicare line of attack was a deliberate one. It was also deliberate on Romney’s part to ignore the Marco Rubio-Hispanic line of attack.

That’s not the only place where the GOP and the Democrats may have more in common than either admits. The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein points out the Paul Ryan’s budget plan would keep the ACA’s $700 billion in Medicare cuts that the Republicans say Obama is "stealing" from Medicare (although they have no plans to give the money back to seniors).

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The Associated Press has tackled details of what Obama plans to do from here with Medicare.For starters, premiums would rise for retirees making $85,000 or more (or $170,000 for married couples.

The Romney campaign is out with a new ad that seeks to turn the tables on Democrats who are criticizing the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket for the proposed cuts to Medicare in Ryan’s budget plan.

Whether its Obama’s Medicare plan, based heavily on the Medicare cost control board imbedded in his health reform bill (which doesn’t begin to impact hospital costs until 2020), or the Romney/Ryan Medicare premium support plan (that has no effect on anyone now over the age of 55), today’s seniors’ benefits are insulated from this issue.

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Talking points circulated by the Romney campaign Saturday similarly instruct surrogates to make the "Obama cut Medicare" argument to blunt voters’ fears over Ryan’s Medicare plan.

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