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A notebook is useful for jotting down big visible items before bidding starts in order to calculate how much you might be able to earn from them. A padlock . You’ll want to put your own lock on a unit immediately after settling up with the storage facility.

what can i do to boost my home value and sell it off faster? You will have to show off your home to sell it faster. To do so, you will have to prepare it for staging – tidy up and get rid of unwanted items, give it a fresh coat of paint, fix those little damages and get some renovation works done.

Many schools offer a back to school yard sale just before move-in day in late August. Bring your gently used items from college to pass onto a new generation of students on their own for the first time, or just save your friends a lot of money. If needed, get a storage unit.

“The smaller mortgages get left behind because it takes as long to do them as the big ones,” she said. The Urban Institute, an economic and social policy research group in Washington. And even if.

OfferUp makes it easy to sell any unused or unwanted items before a big move and acts as an upgraded, mobile-friendly version of Craigslist with a picture-heavy interface. Simply take a picture of what you want to sell, add a description and a price, and wait for interested local buyers to make an offer and schedule pickup.

These items did net me enough to make it worth selling them on Ebay, but this was a few years ago when easier options like ThredUp were not available. If I were selling these same items today, I’d likely try to sell them on ThredUp instead because it’s a lot less time consuming. Want to make extra money decluttering your unwanted stuff?

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