Hottest real estate markets for millennials in 2019

Hottest real estate markets for millennials in 2019 Posted . Even with home prices and mortgage rates on the rise this year, dreams of owning a home are still alive and well. The only things that have changed, according to a new report, are the ideal locations. New data from’s 2019 top 10 markets report Opens a New Window.

CondoBlog: Housing Market in Transition Cuba Releases First Group of Players Eligible for MLB Among the surveyed experts, the largest share (43 percent) said the national housing market will shift decidedly to a buyers market in 2020, followed by 18 percent that said it would shift in 2021. Just 5 percent of panelists said they thought the national market was already a buyers market – roughly half the share (9 percent) that said the market would not meaningfully shift until sometime after 2022.

The study, published Thursday, lists the "Top 10 Most Popular Markets for Millennials," which NAR determined by analyzing population trends, income levels, housing conditions and employment games in.

Experts from real estate website Trulia recently analyzed data from. Based on the results, here are Trulia's top five hottest markets for young people for 2019, Millennials are making a big mistake by not owning their homes,

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Grand Rapids, Michigan is a top market for Millennials. Getty. Here are Realtor. com's hot housing market picks that outperform the national.

As we closed the books on May, even the hottest real estate markets in. of buyers-from young millennials to retirees-and not much housing.

And these young buyers are helping to keep the housing market strong here. Indeed, projected earlier this year that Grand Rapids would be the second-hottest real estate market in 2019 .


Memphis is one of the most affordable housing markets for first-time buyers. That's based on a 2019 report from the title insurance company.

Millennials – a generation of more than 70 million now in their 20s and 30s – have delayed buying a home later than their parents did, but their participation is critical for a robust housing market,

The housing market is heavily driven by household formation. The more households we create, the more upward pressure is exerted on housing prices. When millennials begin moving out of their parents’ homes and into the home-buying landscape, that’s generally a good thing for home prices and home values.

Memphis Housing Market Is Hot in 2019. The Memphis housing market is hot in 2019, partly due to a shortage of properties for sale. This in turn is boosting home prices across the metro area. Four or five years ago, the city had a six-month supply of homes for sale. That’s a fairly "balanced" housing market, meaning that it doesn’t lean too heavily toward buyers or sellers.