Former area medical examiner charged with keeping body parts in storage unit

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The Assistant Medical Examiner Was Found to Have Stored Hundreds of Body Parts in a Storage Unit Years Later dr. michael berkland‘s mugshot. As pointed out in media reports, Berkland has an.

Human body parts found in Florida storage unit. The unit allegedly belonged to former medical examiner Dr. Michael Berkland before it was auctioned last week, and now officials are trying to locate the family members of some of the victims, CBS Miami reports.

A former medical examiner in Pensacola, Florida has been arrested after a search of his storage locker turned up human remains. The remains were found when Phillip Knight bought the storage locker for about $1,000. Dr. Michael Berkland, 57 years old, had rented the locker for the past three years.

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Knight called the police, who investigated the storage unit. They found 10 cardboard boxes, which stored more than 100 containers of organs. Each organ was in a labeled receptacle that was filled with formaldehyde and methyl alcohol.[7] Some of the containers had cracked and were leaking.