Foreign buyers gobbling up Tampa Bay properties

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The Sunshine State outpaces all others in home purchases by foreign buyers, and that’s driving up prices, says Jack Ablin, chief investment officer for BMO Private Bank.

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Looming 450 feet above First Street at First Avenue N, One St. Petersburg will be the tallest building in the city and among the tallest in the entire tampa bay area. by the end of May deadline.

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In Tampa. void left by foreign buyers no longer propping up the high-end market may not be filled by domestic buyers rushing to fill it. This gap could spell trouble down the road. In total, about.

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"The health of these high-priced trophy markets will in many ways be tied more to global economic forces driving foreign cash buyers than U.S. economic and real estate fundamentals." Cash buyers down.

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The same survey found that Chinese investments in U.S. real estate amounted to $22 billion in the year ending in March 2014, making up almost a quarter of foreign. for buyers purchasing a second.