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Cassowary birds (file photo) are described as having "dagger-like" claws. A 75-year-old man has been killed in Florida after he was attacked by a large flightless bird he owned. Alachua county sheriff department told the BBC they were called to the man’s property on Friday and found the man badly wounded by a cassowary.

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 · A cassowary bird killed a Florida man in near Gainesville in Alachua County on Friday, the sheriff’s office said. The cassowary is considered among the most dangerous birds.

 · Friday in Florida, a large, flightless bird killed its owner on his property. According to the Alachua county fire rescue department, the cassowary likely used its long claws to kill the man who was apparently breeding the birds.

 · A Florida man was fatally injured Friday by a cassowary, an emu-like animal once dubbed the “world’s most dangerous bird.” marvin hajos, 75, was severely injured by the bird, which he owned, and later died at a local hospital, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt..

eAwaz April 14, 2019 BBC World News Comments Off on Florida man killed by large flightless bird he owned 20 Views. Related Articles. Florida man killed by large flightless bird he owned. 2 hours ago.. florida man killed by large flightless bird he owned.

ALACHUA, Fla. (AP) – A large, flightless bird native to Australia and New Guinea attacked and killed its owner when the man fell on his farm in Florida, authorities said Saturday.

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A captive cassowary, the large flightless animal considered the most dangerous of birds, killed a man. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission classifies the cassowary among Class II.

 · Cassowaries, large, flightless birds native to Austrialia and New Guinea, have built a reputation as being the world’s most dangerous bird.’ On Friday, a Florida man was killed by a.