Few Mandatory Florida Foreclosure Mediations Succeed

In response to the nationwide foreclosure crisis in the past few years, many states and some cities and counties have instituted foreclosure mediation programs. These programs, which are usually available to any borrower in foreclosure, bring the borrower and lender to the table with the goal of working something out.

Notably, the leaders of firms who received government favoritism had different ideas about what it takes to succeed in business. They were about 10 percent less likely to say that either customer.

Daytona Beach News Journal November 7, 2011 By:Tom Knox, staff writer daytona BEACH — When Florida mandated a residential foreclosure mediation program two years ago, its creators hoped that joining lenders and borrowers together would plug the stream of foreclosure cases that swamped the court system.

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Richard Shuster, an attorney who defends florida homeowners facing foreclosure, discusses what happens at foreclosure mediation. Lenders bringing a foreclosure action in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach.

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Florida Foreclosure Mediation: Partially Repealed But Still Exists. In late 2009, the Florida Supreme Court created a mandatory florida foreclosure mediation program for homeowners facing foreclosure lawsuits although the program only applied to a primary residence and homestead property.

The 20 cities with the highest rates of foreclosure notices were all in California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona — states. That’s likely due to a new regulation in Nevada that requires mandatory.

The full menu of loan programs includes FOUR different bank statement programs to accommodate A+ borrower to Non-Prime borrowers with 580 Fico score, THREE Non-Prime Full Doc programs for the Jumbo A+.

Don’t Feed The Florida Realtors!

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A Florida Supreme Court appointed committee recommended that the state-wide mandatory foreclosure mediation program be abandoned and replaced, if at all, on a circuit by circuit basis. I do not believe the problem is with mediation; instead, the mediation process is being used to accomplish objectives that are fundamentally at odds with the very idea of mediation.

A few weeks ago, the Florida Supreme Court ordered a review of its 18-month-old mandatory foreclosure mediation program. (You can read the December 2009 Administrative Order creating the program and the September 26, 2011 Administrative Order reviewing its results online.)The Palm Beach Post is reporting that as soon as tomorrow, the decision will be made about what to do about Florida’s.