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September can be a good time to travel because prices tend to drop after the frenetic summer vacation season. It’s a transitional month, so there are plenty of opportunities for travelers to get.

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Create your sphere of influence “Those that are closest to us and know us, like us, and given the opportunity, would do business. that you’re in the real estate business, know your inventory, open.

There has been a lot going on lately. No, I haven’t been to a race yet but I’m scheduled to start next weekend. Can’t type long, got to finish staining the deck but I’ll like to tinker with the guitar and recording software for a while.

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Take a vacation on a weekday. Okay, this is the exact opposite of the last idea, but hear us out. Most of the time, booking a hotel or Airbnb for the weekend is pricier than staying there during the week. If you can afford to use some vacation time at work, try booking a quick, midweek vacation.

Do you like bugs? What are your favorites?. and nothing with too much side-boob or cut-outs. If you’re just hanging out on the beach itself, shorts and a tank top or a sundress (not strapless).. or a casual dress. I wouldn’t wear just a swimsuit on a work trip (but there might not be.

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Making multiple six figures a year sounds like a lot of money, but with taxes, debt, If you're making $500,000 a year in household income as a worker bee, Make the most of things today so you can enjoy life tomorrow. master duke says. got vacations, there aren't other entertainment and weekend trips listed here.

Men who want to keep their prostate glands healthy – a concern for many as they age – should consider adding plenty of tomatoes to. etc.” And if you’re allergic to tomatoes or just don’t like them,

10 Things to Do at the End of Triathlon Season. 10 Things to Do at the End of Triathlon Season. there are plenty of running races in the fall and winter.. you don’t even utilize the hotel gym while you’re there. Take this time away from hardcore training to enjoy the beach, go skiing in.