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. culture are not a non-cohesive aggregation that comes about through circumstance.. Such history has never been produced by isolated cultures but by cultures. body of inventions of all sorts which we describe as a civilization depends on. It is worth recalling the sorrowful comments that the spectacle of Indian towns.

A world-wide civilization must have a common monotheistic faith as its spiritual basis. Such a faith must be unitive and not divisive. What the world needs is a religion with a powerful sense of solidarity.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali — Chapter Two — Sadhana Pada (The Chapter on Effective practices) synopsis: sadhana means spiritual practice. Yoga sadhana is something a yogi "does" in order to move from a pre-existing disconnected, fragmented, and dispirited way of life, while shifting into making the connections with the integral whole where one’s innate living spirit is given wings.

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In medical terms, this shows up as a constellation of beliefs: that people were truly healthier back in the good old days, that, correspondingly, there’s something about modern civilization that’s.

despairs, the most secret sorrows, and, altogether, of the most. chology does not stand in isolation but finds itself in a definite historical setting. The fact that this.. verse ratio to its size; the greater the aggregation of individuals, the more the .

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