Budget Friendly Ideas for Spring Break in Cocoa Beach

Need a break from the Orlando theme parks? Take a day trip to Cocoa Beach. You are in Florida, after all, which has more coastline than any other state in the lower 48.. Orlando’s closest beach, Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic coast, is about 60 minutes from I-Drive and the theme parks. It takes less time to get there than it does to wait in line for some top theme park rides.

The resort’s multiple infinity pools spill down to a deserted beach hidden on the backside. undiscovered vibe. At every budget and style point, Cabo offers a plethora of hotels. Whether you stay at.

Cocoa Beach is probably best known for its beautiful beach, famous surf breaks, and. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation to remember.. This family- friendly attraction is also known for its great fishing opportunities. Cool places to go in summer, fall, public beach near me in spring, fall: Wichita, CT, CA, NM,

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A family vacation in Florida doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. We’ve done the homework to find the best cheap florida vacations for families, leaving you to turn up and turn on the fun. These are the best cheap Florida family vacations.

South Padre Island is accessible by road and very popular as a budget-friendly beach destination in the U.S. Accordingly, this area has become famous for its spring break parties, but the beach is very calm and serene if you visit in September or October.

You can find plentiful lodging for under $100 a night in Pigeon Forge, even during the height of spring break season. cocoa beach, FL. Acclaimed as a surfing mecca, Cocoa Beach is where famed surfer kelly slator got his start.

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There are several budget-friendly spring break ideas that can get a family out of the house and making memories. Spring Break Ideas For Families On A Budget Spring break on a budget doesn’t have to mean a staycation (though those are great too).

This post is in partnership with Motel 6. Opinions are my own. Offering six miles of beautiful beaches along the Atlantic shoreline, Cocoa Beach has an active.

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