BofA Sorry for Foreclosing on Elderly Couple

Bank of America said it had erred by foreclosing on an elderly florida couple, James and Sharon Bullington, who had the audacity to pay their mortgage a week early.. BofA Sorry for Foreclosing.

How a cruel foreclosure drove a Couple to the Brink of Death.. triggering an automatic stay, whereby Bank of America couldn’t foreclose until after the case concluded. But BofA sold the house.

A couple nearly foreclosed on a Florida Bank of America branch after. File photo of a man standing at a Bank of America ATM branch in.. 97-Year-Old Betty White Reveals Her Biggest Regret in Life, and It's Heartbreaking.

In a modern-day evocation of David’s slingshot triumph over Goliath, a couple of foreclosed homeowners in Naples, Fla., reportedly foreclosed on a Bank of America branch last week, their attorney actually having moving trucks pull up in front of a Naples branch to execute a foreclosure judgment against the bank.

'Sweet Justice': A Florida Couple 'Forecloses' On Bank Of America. Warren and Maureen Nyerges, from the Naples, Fla. area, is just as bad.

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Bank of America has had some unfortunate foreclosure practices in recent months, including foreclosing on a home that no longer exists, repossessing the wrong person’s pet parrot, and foreclosing on.

Seniors were sold a risk-free retirement with reverse mortgages.. targets for ” bad apple” reverse mortgage lenders capitalizing on a market. and it cascaded into a foreclosure proceeding, Bank of America was his lender.

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In related protests elsewhere in the country, 25 people were arrested in Boston for trespassing while protesting Bank of America’s foreclosure practices. 4-year-old son snapped photos, as did an.

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BofA Attempted To Take The Home OF An Elderly Handicapped Couple "They (banks) had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob." -FDR October 31, 1936

Bank of America to Pay Florida Couple in Mistaken Foreclosure Case. By Joshua. We said there was no mortgage, but we were told, 'Sorry, get a lawyer.'". We sold our old house and just wanted to live in peace and quiet.".